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Executive Coaching

Achieve Clarity | Increase Confidence | Take Courage


Why Coaching?Why Coaching?

Coaching enables you to achieve greater results. Attain desired outcomes quicker, experience greater fulfillment, even exceed expectations through coaching support.

With any initiative – whether a new set of goals, new project, new product launch, a new company, etc – there is always a learning curve. There is also a predictable pattern of productivity: an initial euphoria leading to a burst of activity, followed rapidly by a loss of productivity as the reality of the change sets in, eventually new norms are established and growth ensues. This is illustrated in the following diagram:

1. Forming phase

2. Confronting present reality in the storming phase

3. Discovering new ways of thinking and working during the norming phase

4. Getting better results in the performing phase.

Leaders need to do 3 things to navigate this learning curve with maximum effectiveness:

  • First, achieve clarity. Leaders must be able to clarify and articulate both present reality and desired reality.
  • Secondly, build confidence. Leaders must be able to create an environment of trust that invites honest, collaborative conversations. This ensures collective confidence in the agreed way forward.
  • Finally, take courage. Leaders must both model and facilitate courageous actions to achieve the envisioned breakthrough results.

Coaching facilitates you to achieve desired results.

Why ROHEI Coaching?

Why ROHEI Coaching?

All coaching is designed to support you in getting better results.

But the ROHEI Distinctive acknowledges another reality: That of the underlying relationships and team dynamics throughout this whole process. This parallel dynamic may be simply described by the Tuckman team formation of Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing (see the white line in the diagram below).

Most organisations seek to direct human behaviours by external means: Organisational structures or standard operating procedures. When results are not at a desirable level, the strategy is to re-structure or add procedures and processes to drive change in the hope of positive results. This can slow down performance. ROHEI coaching looks at the human factors, both the resistors and the untapped potential to assist people as they move through each phase. People perform best when it is from an internal motivation that comes from achieving clarity, increasing confidence and taking courage to do the new things with purpose.

The ROHEI Coaching Distinctive is a relational approach to achieving sustainable results.

ROHEI Coaching seeks not just to accelerate the learning curve, but to create sustainable performance by fostering high trust relationships.

Through ROHEI Coaching, you will be able to:

  • Clarify team role along with functional role in the Forming Phase,
  • Practice Real8ability© and have Courageous Conversations© in the Storming Phase
  • Build agreement and buy-in through Collaboration in the Norming Phase,
  • Strengthen leadership character and competence in the Performing Phase to be
  • ready for the next challenge.

ROHEL Coaching is a relational approach to greater results.

Results got you your present success, relationships will bring you ongoing success.

When to engage a ROHEI coach?

When to engage a ROHEI Coach?

The best time to engage a ROHEI Coach is when things are going well.

ROHEI Coaching is developmental. It is about building on current success to be ready for future challenges. Too often, coaching is employed as a remedial intervention at the Storming Phase. But holistic coaching engages at all four phases. ROHEI Coaching is ultimately for those committed to their own success, to those willing to invest time, creativity and effort to accelerate their development and achieve greater results and relational influence. The higher a person rises in the leadership structures the more relationships matter because they will be working through people to get results.

Enable sustainable success. Schedule a consultation.

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