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Building High Performance Teams

Key practices to optimise team productivity

A two-day course exploring key factors that influence team dynamics and performance.

Picture of ROHEI team with text: teamwork, systems and infrastructure, team evaluation, diversity management, motivation, giving and receiving feedback

What makes a team perform at their optimum?

There are six key factors:

Systems and Infrastructure
Team Evaluation
Diversity Management
Giving and Receiving Feedback

This soft skills training will guide your team in exploring and applying each one of these key areas. They will learn how to:

• Identify and close team performance gaps with team members for improved performance

• Find strength in diversity

• Give and receive constructive feedback to to boost each others’ work performance

• Develop mutual trust and respect

• Manage relationships effectively

• Be singular in purpose as a team.

Team profiling: the four key roles in high performance teams
Using the Team Dimensions Profile, we will help each member of your team learn about the four key roles in high performance teams, and profile each team member to their strengths for each role. You can also find out which roles are missing from your team make-up and seek to fill those roles.


An experiential approach
Our experiential learning approach will leave staff lessons they can immediately apply in their work. The course is a mix of structured sharing and table discussion, and engaging learning stations.



Please email to arrange a schedule for your company.


9AM to 6PM


Singapore Citizens and PRs (after funding, before GST*) $360 + GST
Singapore Citizens aged 40 & above (after funding, before GST*) $60 + GST
Full Course Fees for Non-Singaporeans / Non-PRs Per Pax (before GST*) $600 + GST

The above table excludes the profile fee of $70 (before GST*)

Singaporeans aged 40 & above enjoy enhanced subsidies up to 90% capped at $50/hr. Fees for Singaporeans/ PRs are up to 50% SSG funding capped at $15/hr. Fees for SMEs up to SSG funding are equal to fees of Singaporeans aged 40 and above for all Singaporeans and PRs.

*GST is based on full course fees



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