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ROHEI Preview

Inspiring Change, Transforming Culture

You are invited to an afternoon at ROHEI Register

Business leaders today envision a workforce that:

  • adapts well to change
  • grows in skills that technology cannot replace (relational, communication, and leadership skills)
  • invests in the next generation (to develop people, lead change, relate to others, become trustworthy managers)
  • is open-minded and teachable (welcomes new learning and applies it at work, and is constantly learning new things)
  • is fully engaged

At the Preview, you’ll have a glimpse of how we deliver experiential, customized training that addresses business needs—training that is relevant to you and to the changing times. Through 10 years of crafting, testing, having worked with over 45,000 learners, we continue to refine an approach that is highly engaging, and highly effective in inspiring change and transforming culture.

Our approach to training and culture-building

1. Learning must be customized for your team

Our training programs are designed according to your objectives, to address specific problem areas and initiate change and breakthrough.

2. An emphasis on core values and core skills

Your core values don’t just belong on your wall or website. Our training will translate your core values into daily behaviors that will come alive in your team. They will understand how your core values are applied at work and daily life. With a focus on emotional intelligence, resilience, and leadership, our training builds in your team the skills that matter.

3. Experiences that transform hearts and minds

When a learner’s mind and heart are both engaged, training is effective, resulting in behavioral and attitude change and improvement. As people change for the better, and work with higher motivation and commitment, the culture changes, and the organization gets stronger.

4. A people-centered approach

Our training emphasizes that people come before process. When this is practiced at the workplace, work dynamics improve greatly, and your organization can develop a strong culture of trust and excellence.

What can you expect at the ROHEI Preview?

| A sample of ROHEI Learning Stations
Experience highly engaging experiential learning

Client case studies
We’ll share how we helped organizations in key industries

Take a walk
Enjoy a tour of our spaces

Say Hello!
Meet our trainers

Open forum
Ask us anything!

Be inspired to envision what your staff can become

ROHEI Preview is for

HR Directors and Business Leaders


– – Coming Soon —


(Due to other programs and room utilisation, we occasionally might have to change dates of the Previews. However, we will only do this as a last resort. We do apologize for any inconvenience caused.)


2:30PM to 5:30PM

(light refreshments will be served)


This session is complimentary.


ROHEI Corporation | 80 Jurong East Street 21, #05-01 | Devan Nair Institute Building | Singapore 609607


Please feel free to contact us directly if you need any assistance. We can be reached at:

  • (E)
  • 6716 9707 (T)

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