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Problem Solving for Business Success

Tools and Techniques for Effective Problem Solving

The success of a business depends on its teams’ and leaders’ ability to solve problems effectively. This course equips you with tools to respond to challenges and crises systematically, while finding the right balance between the analytical and the practical, and between people and process.

Start with the right mindset

The problem solving process requires practice and experience. Focus on techniques and start with the right mindset to ensure you get the most out of every problem-solving experience you face in business and in life.

Not as simple as it looks

Problem solving methods appear straightforward but the experience rarely is. Do you give your team the freedom to explore new solutions or are you satisfied with the obvious choice? Are there problems that keep cropping up because you have not identified the root cause? Do you have the most intricate analysis and sophisticated matrix, while forgetting the most important element—the customer?

What You Will Learn

• Tools and techniques for systematic problem solving

• Defining a problem from the customers’ perspective

• Apply cause-effect tools and techniques and develop root-cause analysis

• Apply idea generation tools and techniques for sustainable solutions

• Continuous improvement and error prevention concepts

The Instructor

Raymond Teo specializes in Operational Excellence and Problem Solving, and is a Certified Lego Serious Play Facilitator and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt. Raymond is a firm advocate of strategy-aligned operational excellence deployment as a critical enabler of business success. He works with senior management and colleagues at all levels of an organization to identify, prioritize, select, and execute business-critical projects that deliver bottomline benefits.

Who is this program for?

  • New business executives who want practical tools and skills in problem solving techniques
  • Business executives and organizational talent-pool participants who desire actionable tools and skills to reinforce their career and management positions
  • Seasoned managers who want to brush up on new skills related to problem solving and decision making
  • Senior managers who want practical tools and skills in leading and coaching staff members towards enhanced problem solving and decision making techniques
  • Business executives and managers involved in Continuous Improvement, Quality, Problem Solving, Operational Excellence, Lean Six Sigma deployment
  • Natural work teams – including both staff and supervisor who are seeking to embrace a common approach and language towards problem solving and continuous improvement

Course Duration and Format


One-Day Course (8 hours)

For a group of 20-30

The one-day format introduces learners to the systematic customer-centric approach to addressing problems through a series of lectures, exercises, and activities. Learners will experience defining a problem clearly, understanding root causes, and exploring alternative solutions to address workplace challenges and problems.


Two-Day Course (16 hours)

For a group of 20-30

This format covers the content in the one-day workshop, plus data analysis techniques, process mapping, and value analysis, along with group application for problem-solving workplace-specific issues. Participants work in teams to apply the principles on specific workplace challenges, while being guided and facilitated by the problem solving coach.

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