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Relational Coaching at the Workplace

Leaders who coach are leaders who change people

A two-day course that equips team leaders, supervisors, managers, and directors to be an effective relational leader-coach to their staff.


The relational approach teaches principles of building relationship at the workplace. Relationship is the foundation for becoming a leader that people trust, and that staff love to work for. Relationship builds trust, and once trust is established, the leader is able to coach the staff, from a place of empathy and real connection.

Unlike traditional workplace leadership methods, Relational Coaching goes deep, training leaders to uncover and address issues that are affecting staff performance, morale, and engagement. The course also trains leaders how to respond and guide staff to face their difficulties and find breakthrough.

Lead with both heart and mind
People respond to leaders who are not just about results, but who care about people. Focusing too much on results, can be demoralising to a team if there are no meaningful relationships and sense of purpose.

Slow is fast
Building relationship and making time to coach staff is a long-term investment that continues long after the course. Consistency and commitment builds a valuable and secure foundation for workplace collaboration that is truly free of burdens and baggage. It is worth the investment of time, resulting in teams that are highly energised, purposeful, and productive.

An interactive course
This course includes case study videos and practice sessions to equip you with essential principles and experience your own personal breakthrough, enabling you to build trust and relationship with others. You will find that being a relational leader-coach, an essential soft skill, is refreshing and empowering. As you journey through relational leadership, you will notice the change in your staff, in the work environment, and in yourself.

What you will learn

  • The Real8Ability Factors: 8 principles that have been proven to transform relationships
  • How to listen deeply and initiate courageous conversations at the workplace
  • How to give more effective and timely feedback when coaching your staff 
  • Develop greater confidence to engage diverse people profiles in your coaching
  • Be empowered to share ownership with your staff on their performance improvements with enhanced understanding of the roles of an effective coach

How you will benefit

  • Understand the scope of coaching
  • Strengthen the micro skills & strategies in coaching
  • Be an effective leader coach at the workplace and at home
  • Be an effective, engaged, and empathic listener
  • Ask insightful and incisive questions
  • Give meaningful developmental feedback
  • Develop customized coaching plans and develop accountability for performance progress
  • Coach individuals for effective teams in diverse work situations covering generational aspects

This course is for

Team leaders, supervisors, managers, and directors


Please email to arrange a schedule for your company.


9AM to 6PM


ROHEI Corporation | The Devan Nair Institute #05-01 80 Jurong East Street 21 Singapore 609607


Full Fee, inclusive of GST $ 749.00
Singaporean / PR (with funding, inclusive of GST) $ 477.00 
Singaporean above 35, earning less than $ 2000 (with funding, inclusive of GST) $ 84.00
Singaporean 40 years old and above (with funding, inclusive of GST) $ 349.00


Singaporeans aged 40 & above enjoy enhanced subsidies up to 90% capped at $25/hr. Fees for Singaporeans/ PRs are up to 80% SSG funding capped at $17/hr. Fees for SMEs up to SSG funding are equal to fees of Singaporeans aged 40 and above for all Singaporeans and PRs.


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