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Relational Leadership for Emerging Leaders

It's about people and results

It’s not just about getting results. Relational Leaders remember the people who get those results, sustain those results and innovate for the future.

The series of programs will be focused on equipping existing managers with skills such as:

  • Developing inter-personal effectiveness
  • Identifying and addressing skill developmental needs and gaps in personal competencies
  • Seeking opportunities for continuous improvement
  • Planning and completing personal tasks to meet team plans
  • Interpreting and implementing team plans
  • Contributing to innovation and improvement in systems and processes

This program has been specially design for you to:

  • Adopt a growth mindset to increase workplace competency
  • Understand various ways people exercise influence and adopt strategies to better interact with different stakeholders
  • Be aware of different power bases and its impact to team dynamics
  • Adopt a relational mindset for more effective engagement with supervisors and managers in the workplace

The Learning Journey

1. Experiential  Session

  • Hands-on activity on self-awareness
  • Reflection and collective learning
  • Self-awareness: the first step to personal growth
  • Personal strengths and areas of improvement

2. Grow

  • Adapting a growth mindset
  • Responding to the dynamic and fast-changing workplace lanscape
  • Increasing personal growth

3. Three’s Company

  • Authority bases
  • Exercising influence
  • Leveraging on personal experiences
  • Case scenarios
  • Action plan

4. Leveraging Diversity

  • Experiential learning activity
  • Self-awareness and social awareness
  • Responses to diversity in the workplace
  • Managing diversity at work

5. Managing Upwards

  • The relational mindset
  • Engaging supervisors and managers effectively
  • Relationship management


Who is this program for?

  • Emerging leaders
  • Individual contributors

Grow as a relational leader. Schedule a consultation through the form below:


ROHEI Corporation | The Devan Nair Institute #05-01 80 Jurong East Street 21 Singapore 609607

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