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Relational Leadership for New Managers

It's about people and results

It’s not just about getting results. Relational Leaders remember the people who get those results, sustain those results and innovate for the future.

This program has been specially design for you to:

Develop self awareness and development

  • Empathic listening
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Awareness of leadership style, strengths and development opportunities
  • Communicating effectively
  • Leading the team in making decisions
  • Professional competence

Key Team Player

  • Identifying with and demonstrating organizational values
  • Building support and commitment within the team
  • Organising team planning activities

Build Team Relationships

  • Developing team cohesiveness
  • Developing awareness of team strengths and developmental opportunities
  • Identifying symptoms of potential problems at the workplace
  • Resolving team conflict

Initiate professional development and encourage others

  • Seeking opportunities for continuous improvement
  • Demonstrating openness and ability to learn from a coach/mentor
  • Developing awareness of team strengths and developmental opportunities
  • Motivating employee independence and development

Contribute and support achievement of results

  • Identifying personal roles and responsibilities and their contribution towards achievement of team plans
  • Managing and reward team performance
  • Monitoring implementation of team plans

Identify opportunities for change

  • Evaluating current work practices and identify innovation opportunities

Who is this program for?

New managers


Grow as a relational leader. Schedule a consultation.


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