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Relational Leadership for Senior Leaders

It's about people and results

It’s not just about getting results. Relational Leaders remember the people who get those results, sustain those results and innovate for the future.

This program has been specially design for you to:

  • Building & advocating a culture of trust through relatable leadership, based on the Real8ability Factors.
  • Driving a sustainable shift in the trust culture through deeper sharing of challenges and feedback in courageous conversations.

The Learning Journey

1. Experiential  Session

  • An invigorating hands-on activity as the group is tasked to disentangle their stakeholders
  • Reflection and collective learning
  • Pitfalls of the task orientation and the lack of relatability
  • Effective people before process
  • Driving a culture of trust among leaders

2. Real8Ability Factors©

  • Deepening trust in organisation’s leadership
  • Value of employing Real8Ability Factors¬©
  • The 8 Factors
  • Building and advocating a culture of trust
  • An experiential ‘Start-stop skit’

3. Giving and Receiving Feedback

  • Sustaining culture shifts
  • Leading Courageous Conversations for results
  • Creating safe environments
  • Courage for clarity
  • Courage for communication
  • Hands-on session


Who is this program for?

Senior leaders


Grow as a relational leader. Schedule a consultation.



ROHEI Corporation | The Devan Nair Institute #05-01 80 Jurong East Street 21 Singapore 609607

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