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Service Excellence


Spark of an Educator image

Spark of an Educator

A programme designed for educators to understand their role in their institution, equip staff to nurture and mentor learners to reach their potential, manage different learner profiles more effectively, discover Emotional Intelligence (EI) strengths, and better communicate and engage different learners.


Lead with Service Vision


This program covers the knowledge and application skills in leading a team to deliver service excellence that is in line with the organization’s customer-focused strategy. It includes promoting a customer-centric environment and analyzing the team’s performance to identify areas of improvement.

ROHEI The Heart of Service


The Heart of Service


Teach your staff how to deliver superior service by being operationally excellent, which involves utilising service operational resources, effective teamwork and the ability to address service performance issues. They will also recognize service challenge triggers and use appropriate communication techniques in handling difficult customers.

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