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Thank you for downloading Building a Culture of Trust. Learn more about culture, trust, and our team below.

Why does culture matter?

The work environment you create is crucial to nurturing high performance in the workplace. When people thrive in their work, your business will too.

Why Trust?

The Great Place to Work® Institute is the “global authority on high-trust, high-performance workplace cultures. In 2015 we participated in the official survey for the first time. The survey was answered anonymously by our staff, and we received a 98% rating in trust index. This is the highest recorded score, worldwide for the Trust Index. The survey results confirmed that trust is a key ingredient for both nurturing people and growing the business. We were also recognised in the Great Place to Work® Singapore list, ranking 4th, the only SME on the list, and in 2016 in the Best Workplaces 2016, awarded by Great Place to Work® Asia.  In 2017 we participated in the survey for the second time, ranking in the Top 3 Best Workplaces in Singapore (Small Organisations Category).

Our Vision is for a global workforce that is happy and fulfilled in what they do, passionate about creating products and services that will enable communities to flourish. We see that building great corporate cultures, where people enjoy going to work, contributes greatly to the success of the individual, and the organisation.

If your company has been struggling in the area of employee motivation, low morale, and relational tension, it’s time for culture change. Start with our e-book to learn practical ways to start creating a culture of trust. It’s a long journey, and the work is daily, but it’s an investment in your people. And it’s your people that will help you bring the change needed to bring the company forward.

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